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Diane's excellent, "spot on" reading this morning had from its very beginning the feeling I was speaking to a valued and longtime confidant.
I was particularly impressed with the variety of modalities she uses, from card spreads, Tarot, angel and rune readings -- wonderful insight and validations! I especially loved her guidance to "put on your walking shoes" and the book (I have delayed publishing) is a memoir of my 2002 pilgrimage walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago! And want very much to walk the Portuguese Camino in 2017!
She saw my Gran with a tropical flower (she lived in Florida) and an update on my Mother's health -¬all 100% accurate!
Oh, many accuracies and insights; a pleasant, uplifting and fulfilling hour of guidance and information from a most gifted and sensitive reader.
Catherine Cameron
Had many readings over the years its uncanny how Diane gets things right both from the past and the future.
My readings have given me a great deal of comfort, self confidence and guidence.
Joanne (Hair Design) - Mosley
During dads illness and eventual death, Diane gave our family readings which prepared us for the worst. When dad did pass over as Diane predicted, shortly beforehand she gave us information on who was stood at the foot of his bed waiting to take him over, i.e. naming family and friends who had previously died, she even saw Fuddy, dads dog from long ago.

This gave our family great comfort and confirmation that he had simply just gone somewhere else, and was safe with loved ones.
Becky - Matlock
I first met Diane approximately 10 years ago, I met her through her mother the first reading that Diane did for me was so spot on it was as if she had been sitting on my shoulder for the last 40 years.

Neither Diane or her mother knew any of my circumstances but she knew all about my son who had passed away 5 years previously she knew how he died, what he looked like and what age he would have been.

I cannot praise her enough she always gives advise when needed and its not always what you want to hear but what you need to hear. She always has your best interests at heart.
Evelyn - Scotland
I have been a client of Diane's for over 5 years. As well as regular readings, I have taken part in a Halloween physic night. The night was interesting, intriguing and fun!

The midnight séance was something I had never done before, but I felt comfortable and in safe hands. The information and advice that came through Diane didn't seem to fit or make sense at first, but after the event it proved to be accurate.

I have referred Diane to many of my friends and we all agree that her intuition, advice and ability to relate to specific issues or concerns is excellent.
Jo - Leeds
Diane has given me guidance for a number of years and she is so accurate. She is accurate about the present and scarily accurate about the future. I usually put the reading away in a drawer and then look at it 6 months later and the words are there.

I used to give nothing away at all thinking that she would not be able to give me a reading that was appropriate, and she did every time and now we discuss and have conversations, it really doesn’t matter what you do. If you are struggling with an issue and want some guidance then Diane is the woman to go and see.
Ali - Bakewell
Diane's telephone readings are fab!!!
Dawn - Greece
I have had readings from Diane for several years. I find them to be absolutely fantastic, they are helpful, inspiring and uncannily always one hundred percent accurate.
Nicky - Thailand
I was at a very low point in my life when Diane first read my tarot cards, she gave me hope and reassured me there was light at the end of the tunnel. She is amazingly accurate and what she predicts actually happens!
Margaret - Penrith
I found Diane brilliant, she was accurate about some thing of my past and spot on with whats happening now. I definately hope what she says about my future comes true too, as it would be wonderful not to worry any more. I would definately recommend Diane's readings.
Rita - Cumbria.
I can’t thank Diane enough for all the help she has given me over the years. She told me that I would start my own business which I have and it is now in its 3rd year. I got to meet her in the flesh about 2 years ago and couldn't wait to introduce her to my friends and new customers. She is the best...... you can‘t or shouldn’t go anywhere else
Kim - Scotland
I saw Diane last in 2006 and after my second reading last night (three yrs later), I can't speak highly enough of her. She was absolutely spot on with my current situation and dilemmas around me at the moment. She is a credit to her profession and I can't wait to see her again!!!!
K Walker - Manchester
Thanks Diane,Really enjoyed my reading was very glad to be able to get a message from my wife/best friend who died sadly nearly 3 years ago...shes fine...Very interesting stuff ...Hope your future prediction works out. Thanks
I last saw Diane more than 15 years ago and knew she was so precise in what she told me that I decided to see her again. It is amazing what she knows and can tell you. Would recommend without hesitation.

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